Relational vs NoSql Database


What is a NoSql database? and how is different from a relational database? these are some frequent ansewes when somebody start to study the NoSql Database.

First of all: what is a relational database? Relational database is a collection of data items organized as a set of tables, the table describe the relationship between datas stored. The lenguage used to manage this kind of database is SQL (Structured Query Language).

NoSql database approach data management without tables but with other data models. This kinds of databases are very useful for very large and distribuited data sets. This database family seeks to solve the scalabilty and big data performance issues that relational databases weren’t designed to address.

In the last times, enterprise solutions are focused on manage a large amount and inhomogeneous data, so it’s clear why this types of databases are grown.

There are a lot of NoSql databases, the most famous are

  • MongoDb
  • Elastic
  • Neo4j
  • OrientDb

Every one are designed for specific goal.

In this posts serie i what to write on the graph database standard de facto: Neo4j DB.

What is a graph database? A graph management system (Graph database) is a NoSql database management system with Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) methods that expose a graph data model.

In the next posts we’ll go deeper into graph db world, and we’ll use Neo4j for some tests.